Sunday, July 27, 2008

But I Used To Be That Innocent..


When I had crush on Pete, it was more on the level of wanting to feel his warmth and attention, and nothing sexual. Of course I didn't know then, how a man gets stuff done with another man. I didn't know how to shag even though I was in early teens (but later I found out, that whatever play I was doing with it was indeed shagging! :P). I didn't even know how a man and a woman do the intercourse. Actually, I didn't know that there had to be so and so process to cause the birth of a baby. I believed that when a couple gets married, after a "fixed time" the God becomes happy and presents them the toddler. This was not told to me by anyone, I made this "theory" myself. It was when the question of second child came, I began to see that the theory could be a little wrong. Why some people have two or more kids? How can we tell to God if we don't want any more!

"And that's enough!"

I posed the question to my mother. She smiled and said, "Don't worry, for babies to be born, the man and the woman have got to do a thing."

"What thing?" I asked ever so innocently.

"The man and the woman has to touch their genitals with each other."

"Eeew!! Gross! Those are used for peeing!"

"That's true."

"I am so not going to make my willie touch with a thing that is used for peeing. People are sick!"

My mother laughed and got back to her chore. I guess, she didn't want to explain that there was more than touching that was needed.

Then later one time when I was watching Speed, I heard our Keanu Reeves keep on repeating the word, "fuck." I didn't know the meaning, but I started shouting, "Fuck Fuck FUCK!!"

Crazy Sam's Bloginess
"Fuck you!" :P

My mother stopped reading the magazine hearing the sudden outbursts of swears coming from me.

"Son, do you know the meaning of that word?"

"Hmm.. no I don't, you know?"

"It's something that is done while a man and a woman mate. You should not use that word."

"What do they do?"

"You should not use that word, it's not considered proper."

I guess, again she didn't want to give the real explanation.

But I was that innocent (read 'ignorant')! Anyways, I was meant to be tainted sooner or later. Thanks to the internet, I came to know.. see.. hear.. everything.. more than what I asked for!

But I used to be that innocent one time..

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gracias Gracias!


Although I know this is kinda overdue (but better late than never, right!), I just want to thank all my friends for their input to my last post. Your comments really gave an invaluable feel to it.

I also want to thank the authors of the following sites for directing traffic towards there.

Nick also points out the twisted ways that the media uses to enhance the stereotypes linked up with gays.

They featured my post as soon as I notified them, there by once again helping me to reach my voice outside gay community. Thank you Mridula!

This straight guy ponders why homophobia is so rampant in our society, exposes the harsh treatments done to "cure" homosexualism and talks about the misconceptions about gays. I wish there were more people who thinks like you!

Thank you Shaney for spotlighting my blog. LGBT Bloggers List presents to you a wide range of gay blogs in it's well categorized form. So what are you waiting for! Don't you think it's high time that you get your blogs added there?

The one stop to reach to sites and blogs that reported about the Indian gay parades.

Thank you guys! I feel so flattered and honoured.

I also want to thank unsungpsalm for his memorial (though I now feel that I didn't deserve it. Sorry dude for disappointing ya!) And thank you Whippy, thank you Pepe for your concern about my absence in the blogosphere.

This is to all my readers out there! Please keep coming back at least once in a week. Who knows, you may be even surprised to see a new post waiting to be read!

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Gay Parade And The Media


Last Sunday, India witnessed an event that was huge (really huge!) for the Indian LGBT community - the first ever gay pride parades happened on the streets of Delhi, Calcutta and Bangalore (although Calcutta has been having small parades since 1999.) I'm happy and proud to see that many of us have got the balls to finally demand equality and to show our resistance towards IPC Section 377 openly. This could help many to see that the so called "homosexuals" does not necessarily imply that they are hijras, transexuals or crossdressers. This could also help them realize India too has a large population of homosexuals and homosexuality is just not a western phenomenon.

Crazy Sam's Bloginess
'Rainbow Pride Walk' in New Delhi on June 29, 2008. Photo courtesy: AP.

But media can be a bitch sometimes.
They have their own convoluted methods to twist the reality and present the facts to the world based on what can attract the audience.

This is how the report from Associated Press started:
Men wore sparkling saris, women wore rainbow boas and hundreds of people chanted for gay rights in three Indian cities Sunday in the largest display of gay pride in the deeply conservative country where homosexual acts are illegal.
Men wore sparkling saris? What The Hell! Did the writer not see any men other than those wearing saris? (Yes, I'm talking to you Mr. Sam Dolnick! And the photo above is from your team itself!) Is he trying to report what the people want to read or is he himself so ignorant to have such a narrow outlook or what! This is like the western media trying to showcase India as a country of elephants, snake charmers and gurus. And thanks to those numerous sites for copy-pasting this report thereby propagating the same words and also insuring that still larger number of readers see whatever stereotypical image they had were indeed true!

The TV media is not bad either. All of them are so hellishly dedicated to push the same stereotypical image into the minds. Let me ask you, are you guys trying to enlighten the viewers or trying to be bollywoodish by showing gay men as crossdressers and feminine? We are talking about enlightment here. We are talking about eradicating the misconceived notions that one associate with gays.

all gays are:
- HIV positive.
- Feminine.
- Crossdressers.
- Transgendered.
- Guys who feel like they are gals trapped inside man's body.
- Perverted to force sex with a straight man.
- Having it easy as you see in Dante's Cove.
- Fashion conscious! (:P)

So next time when you hear about gays, would you please try to picture these images too? (If you are reading from email or using feed reader, please access the site to watch the slideshow.)

Please note that I have nothing against transgendered and crossdressers. I believe in equality and there should be no discrimination based on the race, ethnicity, colour, sex, religion, caste, language, sexual orientation and whatever lame divisions that narrow-minded people can come up with.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crazy Sam : Up-Close & Personal!


When we proposed the idea to him, we were hoping that he would not fire our asses. But to our relief, nothing of that sort happened and he was more than excited to do this. So here's one that you definitely don't want to miss when this shy guy uncovers some of his hidden facts to CSB readers as we get up-close and personal with the one and only Crazy Sam!

Crazy Sam's Bloginess: I noticed that all your books however old they are, still looks brand new! You buy and then don't read them at all?
Crazy Sam: I do read them. But I'm quite neurotic when it comes to keeping them look good. Well.. the Sam 10 years younger used to be completely opposite, you would never have guessed those pages once belonged to a book. Then this sudden craze for preserving them look new hit me and there was no turning back.

CSB: We know that you are quite fascinated by trains. Tell us about that.
Sam: Yes, in fact I'm insanely crazy about them! There is something so majestic and mesmerizing about them that I would stop my bike or car to just watch them passing by. When I was kid, I always used to get train toys for my birthdays and they even bought me a train cake for my 5th birthday.

CSB: Oh, That's really sweet.
Sam: Yeah I still look at that snap where I'm grinning proudly with my delicious train cake.

CSB: I definitely gotta ask you this. Is it true that you don't hug people?
Sam: I don't have anything against hugging. In fact I so wish to hug and be hugged. But something in me always tries to stop me. May be I feel insecure. It's weird, I know. I guess I might have a wider personal space and may be more concerned than Americans.

CSB: This should have caused you worries during your dates.
Sam: Can't call them as dates. But yes, panic attacks were plenty!

CSB: You used to have a phobia towards long-haired guys.
Sam: Yes, I did. As much I knew this was all too silly, I couldn't help feeling that way. In the end, I too grew the hair. That's how I got rid of the fear. Now whenever I see any long-haired guy I would say in my mind, "Hmm.. he thinks he can scare me with his long hair, but does he know that I too had that once? Huh! And he is flaunting it as if no one else has!"

CSB: What's that one place you are so dieing hard to be?
Sam: Amsterdam! I heard that everything about sex is legal there. It's not like I wish to have wild orgies or anything, but the thought of possibility excites me. Plus those Ammie boys are really cute!

CSB: What's the weirdest place you have ever been?
Sam: How about the bedside-floor while two guys are going at it on the bed??

CSB: Oh my God! How did that happen?!!
Sam: Well let's say, three gay friends having fun hanging out, didn't realise the time passing by. It gets awefully late to knock at home, so decides to take a room. One guy was naive and didn't see what was coming. After some fun talks on the bed, things started to
get hansy-pansy and this guy finds it uncanny and opts to take refuge on the floor. Next question!!

CSB: Sheesh!! Oops! uh.. OK, so have you ever had feelings for a gal?
Sam: Yes, during my higher secondary. But I didn't have the nerve to tell her, so I told one of my classmates about this and the whole god damn school came to know! And as an epilogue, that's when I received the info that another gal was having crush on me. I was quite surprised to know that revelation! Finally when the dust settled, I ended up having neither of them.
Please note that this does not mean that I am bi, coz now I am pretty sure where I stand.

CSB: Is it true that one time you were about to come out to your mother unknowingly?
Sam: Well.. now when I think about it, it is actually quite embarrassing. I believe I was 9 or 10 then, and I was super horny even at that time. I couldn't figure why I was like that, so I went to my mother and almost asked her, "Mommy mommy, why my little willie is not staying little when I see guys in those underwear ads?" But thankfully, that conversation never happened!
CSB: Whoa! That could've been quite a shocker for your mother.
Sam: Yeah, it still gives me shivers when I think about it.

CSB: Finally, who all are your porn star crushes?
Sam: Haha! Lukas Ridgestone definitely. He has got an amazing body, drool worthy ahem.. and a butt to die for! And I could just melt in those blue eyes!! I find Michael Lucas hot too and some of those guys from Randy Blue and Sean Cody.

CSB: Would you accept the offer if you get a chance to do with them?
Sam: NooOO!! I'm a well-raised guy, you think I would do something like that??

CSB: Well.. er.. yeah.
Sam: You are friggin' right! I would grab that offer within the blink of an eye! Funny that you had to even ask that!

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For those who still haven't got it, this was a response to a tag! I was tagged by Pepe where I was required to jot down ten things about myself. That's why you got to read about..

1. My obsession to keep books brand new.
2. My fascination for trains.
3. My outlandishness towards hugs.
4. The phobia I had for long-haired guys.
5. The place I want to be.
6. The place I do not want to be!!
7. My brief crush towards a gal.
8. The awkward conversation that nearly happened with my mother.
9. My porn star crushes.
10. My desire to be in porn (only if I'm paired with Lukas or Michael!)

So now let me start tagging 10!
The rules are simple!
1. Bloggers need to write about 10 things of themselves.
2. Tag 10 people and comment on their site that they are tagged.

Have fun. Muaah!

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