Saturday, January 17, 2009

How Out Is Your Underwear?


The other day, Phoebe and her friend wanted to browse shoes just like that and they dragged me into a shop. After standing beside them for a minute, I realized I'm feeling weird looking at those shoes, some of which could shy even the most flamboyant gays. Wisdom kicked in and I moved towards the men's section.

As I was eyeing through the shelves, I saw this guy crouching and leaning forward to find something from the bottom-most rack. He wore baggy jeans and his underwear was pretty much flaunting by itself. And the more he leaned forward, the more his jeans got pulled down and I think if he tried harder, his jeans could have successfully ruptured that last bit of overlapping with the briefs. Aah! These are the moments where I wished I were invisible so I could intrepidly watch someone giving me a tease in public.

Crazy Sam's Bloginess: Baggy jeans & Levis underwear

It's obvious that he loved flashing his undies. But to whom! Gals?

I asked Phoebe, the supreme judicious one whom I always turn to, if a situation needs me to decode the ever puzzling female mind. (Like, for instance.. if a gal is comfortable enough to tell you that she needs to pee, she most probably knows that you are gay.)

"Do gals find it sexy when a guy shows off his briefs?"

"No way! If guys believe chicks dig that, we are sorry. We do not find it even remotely enticing."

So if the female folk is clearly not interested to read our tighty whities and straight men generally don't have the tendency to look at male hips, which bunch could these guys be attracting? Yes, you guessed it right. Us! The ogling gay men!

I don't have any qualms when it comes to checking out guys, provided they are incognizant of where my eyes are aligned at. I personally feel that the concept of baggy trousers and low waist jeans is such a cool one and it definitely must have come from the makers of underwear who wanted to push the youth in believing that it is uber cool to show off our undies and in return be a walking billboard ourselves.

But when it comes to me wearing one, I find it embarrassing to imagine even a small part of my briefs sticking out. So I belt my trousers even if they hold tightly at my waist. Once I asked a friend, "You don't feel uncomfortable wearing those low waist jeans? I mean.. have it ever come across your mind that you could be flashing your underwear in public when you sit or bend down?"

"Naa! it's not a big deal. I know my undies will be seen and I'm cool with that."

And that's exactly what I got to see when he stooped down to put on his shoes. But this time, the jeans was pulling down his undies with it, now exposing his crack. I somehow felt it was wrong to see him that way and I adjusted my position such that his butt was no longer in my line of vision.

Crazy Sam's Bloginess: Underwear out

Anyways, back to that million dollar question - How out is YOUR underwear? And to all of you who are into showing off your undies, lemme assure you. If the chicks aren't checking you out, don't worry. You still have an unswerving audience.

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