Monday, February 23, 2009

That Hunk On The Men's Health Cover!


Even though Farhan Khan was the cover guy on the November issue of Men's Health India last year, it seems now only his hunk-effect is spreading contagiously over the gay Orkutsphere when guys are busy adding his photo shoot video to their profiles.

The following video is available in HD (press HQ button to enable) which means, you can put it full-screen (press Full-Screen button) without losing much clarity!

I know with a body like that, it's kinda difficult to focus on his face.. which by the way, is equally worthy to get every ounce of our attention.

I especially liked his advice on quitting cigars to achieve a smoking body like his. In fact taking puffs is not only unhealthy, but also a mood-killer when you are passionately entangled in kissing. One time I was with a guy and during the whole make out session, the only thing I could think was how charred his tongue tasted! So that's it! Never again I'm gonna kiss a smoker!

By the way, the photographer fella is Subi Samuel and he is one of the busiest Indian photographers. They say he is a man of few words, but his photography is one that speaks for itself. The end result of this photo shoot as you can see below, is a testament for that.

Click on them to fill your screens with our yummy
Farhan Khan!

Crazy Sam's Bloginess: Farhan Khan Crazy Sam's Bloginess: Farhan Khan
Video and image source: Men's Health India.

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