Monday, October 8, 2007

Is Internet Becoming Homophobic?


Today I received a mail from Erik from that their web hosting provider closed access to the blog saying that there were indecent photos of men. According to me, those pics were truly eye-candy but never ever were they sexually explicit. They were all artistic, voguish and beautiful. In no way they were pornographic. So this is just yet another evidence of homophobia that is sweeping across the web for the past few months.

To many people out here, there is no secure way to express their homosexual desires and blogs are supposed to be another medium representing the freedom of expression, giving people the opportunity to express their emotions to the world. For most of them, their blog means a lot. Their blog might be the only source to vent out their feelings and these blogs bear all the support and encouragement that they got from their friends. I have experienced it firsthand. I used to have a guilty feeling in me because of being a homosexual. But now, not at all, and this was possible only because of the support I got from my Yahoo! 360 friends. A testimony to that is the commended link appearing on the top-right of this page. You could feel how honest, straight forward and sincere they were in taking part that discussion. Each of them didn't fear to get down to their darkest fears and pains to understand the whole situation. I believe that the Discussion Blog will serve the purpose of reaching out to those who are confused by their sexuality, who are cursing themselves for being homosexual, who have got a misrepresented idea of what homosexuality is, because often false believes and misconceptions are the root cause for many problems that the gay community is now facing.

And Erik was also hosting his blog for a noble cause, to promote love among gay people. It is dedicated to all gay couples, providing tips and ideas to maintain love at the highest level, speaking about love and intimacy. But homophobia made some people to see it in a different way and that caused Erik's site to go down. It could have meant closing down the blog for him had he not made a backup and it took four days to recover and have everything working on a new host provider. You can check out Erik's site at

I also recently read at Plublogs that some of the reputable gay sites like Scott-O-Rama, HomoMojo, UndiesDrawer, and GayTwoGether were dropped from Google’s AdSense program because of adult or mature content on their site. The funny part is that they didn't find pictures of undressed women found on straight blogs as obscene. So is Google becoming homophobic too? In that case, what will happen to the blogs on the Blogger since it is also from Google. Gays have always been discriminated in the real world. Would we have to suffer that discrimination here too?

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  • Omi October 10, 2007 at 9:19 PM

    truely said,
    One need to draw a line between sex, sexy & sensuous.
    And to be gay is no big deal . The point is not to invove in animal act. Wandering and mating where ever you go.
    Be a good human being. ALL said and done.

  • Ryan October 14, 2007 at 5:14 AM

    I hope my blog won't be shut down because of those sexy pictures!

  • George Cord October 15, 2007 at 12:49 AM

    It has become a fact of society to reject or discriminate against people and thing's that we all don't understand.
    We tend to get an opinion before we grasp the sense or meaning. We can just take a minute or longer to see that everyone of us has unique and great idea's or talents.
    Most men and some women for some strange reason can deal with other women being bed-mates, but when it comes to men, there is no reason for a guy to be sleeping with another guy.
    Men need and should be masculine, there is no hanky panky with men of any sort. Men are supposed to be strong, get married to women and breed children.
    The belief's stem from the ages, we are taught at a young age that men hunt, fish, not dance or play with other men.
    Men are always destroying each other and if they can't get away with destroying each other, they eventually turn on themselves.

    On a lighter note, I do like your new site. I hope that you will continue to ck out my site from time to time and leave word how you feel. I will always do the same. When time permits.
    Peace Now & Agape Always,
    George Cord

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