Friday, August 29, 2008

This Is Crazy Sam Reporting For CSB


First of all, thank you everyone for your feedback on my previous post. You guys are really a supporting bunch! (Sam gives flying kisses to each one of you... Muah! Muah! LOL!!)

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Courtesy : Cosmopolitan
Crazy Sam's Bloginess
Cock-out attitude? Yes, I have it!

So should I be feeling uneasy that he posted the exact same words from The Cock-Out Attitude as his own thoughts? Or should I be flattered to know that he felt the content was that great to prompt him to do so? Also it's a great irony to see that post, which according to me is just a load of codswallop, getting frequent hits even now. Apparently, a reader (thanks to him/her, by the way) who liked the video submitted the post at the Digg-similar Italian website, OKNOtizie resulting in a small discussion, Attitude... Cosa?! (meaning, Attitude... What?!) As a result, the attitude-post is getting much read than I thought.

Anyways, since we are on the topic about "lifting" contents from the internet and using them without giving due credits, I understand that I'm also guilty of the same - for not crediting these absolutely amazing photos appearing on this blog. But the only confession I can give is that when you are busy with "both" hands, stocking these photos into your hard drive, taking note of the photographer's name would be the last thing that could run into your mind. So if you are a photographer and you happen to see your masterpiece posted on this blog, let me know and I would readily credit your work.

Crazy Sam's Bloginess
We have cock-out attitude. Dare to mess with us??

Hot News (and this is insanely hot!): Remember this post, where I told you that the ever sexy, the incredibly gorgeous, the most drool-worthy guy of all times, and most importantly, the perfect example for the "cock-out attitude", Bryan Thomas was included in the poll conducted by the DNA magazine to let us decide which guy we want them to put on the DNA cover and spread?? (Whew! That's long! Let me try to catch my breath..) If you think you can hold back from creaming your pants, here is the result!

Crazy Sam's BloginessDon't go! There is more! There is more! One of our Indian friends from blogosphere, has finally become a published writer! So from this month onwards, Nick would be penning a regular feature for the Indian magazine, 'The Man.' Isn't that awesome?! You can reach his page and read his debut published article by clicking here. He tells me that there was a rather "satisfying" picture along with his article, which of course he didn't care to scan! Grr!!

Update - Saturday, August 30, 2008:
Nick finally decided to yield to our wishes. Click here to see the eye-candy that was put on his article. Thanks Nick!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ask Sam: 4th Time Unlucky?


Crazy Sam's Bloginess

A couple of days ago, a reader from India sent me this following email. To protect the identity, the content is slightly modified.
Hi Sam, I have a friend who is in a relationship. But as it turned out, his boyfriend wants to get married to a gal because of family pressure and now my friend is being ignored by his boyfriend. I have told my friend that he better break off with that guy because his intentions seem doubtful. But he is so reluctant because this is his fourth relationship which would be going down the drain. I tried telling him there is still hope to find some one better, but he seems to have lost all hope. I have tried talking to him a lot. Finally he did agree to break off with the guy but he says he wants to live alone. I know I must respect his decision but he is a very nice guy and I want him to meet someone good. Now the advice I want is on how to change his mind, i.e. how to make him feel hopeful again?

Concerned Friend

With a warning that my mind was not wired to give sensible advices, let me put down my thoughts on this issue.

People tend to take stern decisions when they are hurt. But most of the time, that sternness seems to wear off as the time progresses, as their frustration calms down and they make peace with their inner selves. You say that it is his fourth relationship that is going down the drain. But in India, he must understand, most of the gay relationships are subjected to lot of hardships (sorry for being realistic) from the moment it is blossomed because of the Indian social setup. Otherwise both of them should be that determined and strong to face the challenges. And so, relationships failing, is not actually his fault. And it is my personal judgment that if you want to be in a relationship, a bisexual man might not be your safest bet for a "lovers forever" deal. Bisexual men will be having the lesser resistance to say 'No' to their parents when they bring a marriage proposal.

I would advice your friend not to lose hope because of four failed relationships. Some have experienced more than that and in tragical ways. I'm forbid to go into detail. But even after going through all that, it is amazing to see them moved on and optimistic about life. As they say, is a life without hope worth living? But also waiting for love to happen is just a waste of time, because most of the times, love happens when you're least expecting. Your friend therefore should concentrate on other things, not think about relationships at all, give himself time to heal and not jump into taking hasty decisions.

I know I haven't touched much on "How to make him feel hopeful?", but I guess I was able to give something which might be found useful. Any of you care to chip in (which was the whole point for this post) and help our Concerned Friend?

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bloggy Award Reviews Crazy Sam's Bloginess!


Crazy Sam's Bloginess

"Content is king. But design is queen." So says Bloggy Award, an esteemed blog reviewing site from Splashpress Media. At Bloggy Award, a blog is scrutinized based on five criteria.
1. Visual Aesthetics, 2. User Friendliness, 3. Reading Enjoyment, 4. Useful Info and
5. Overall Experience.

So when Crazy Sam's Bloginess managed to score the perfect 10 in all these criteria, need I tell you how excited and happy I was?!!
Here's what Bloggy Award had to report:
Crazy Sam’s Bloginess is the blog of a gay guy who wants to share his thoughts and experiences to the rest of the world. He describes himself as “not a serious blogger, but occasionally I feel like writing about myself, the people I meet, the experiences I cherish, the music and movies I love, the cute guys that catch my eyes…”

Visual Aesthetics - 10
Crazy Sam’s Bloginess uses a 3-column template and everything is arranged in such a way that the visual experience is just perfect. The ads, quotes, and posts come together so beautifully. The posts also have a smattering of relevant pictures - many of them eye candy.

User Friendliness - 10
Despite the immense amount of content, Crazy Sam is able to give his readers an easy time when it comes to finding information. The middle and right column provides a lot of relevant links which make for easy navigation. The pages load up with no problems at all.

Reading Enjoyment - 10
Here is one blog that will surely give you a grand time. The posts are very well-written. Crazy Sam sure knows how to play around with words to produce the effect that the post theme wants to portray, whether it be humor or serious insights. Oh, and the quotes from Will and Grace found in the middle column just cracked me up!

Useful Info - 10
There is a lot that a reader can learn from Crazy Sam’s Bloginess. Though the predominant theme is about the LGBT lifestyle, you will also find a lot of insights for straight people. I particularly like how Crazy Sam writes about movies.

Overall Experience - 10
Indeed, this is a “straight-friendly gay blog.” I can’t recall when I last had such fun browsing through a blog for the first time.
WOW!! Thank you Noemi for such a fine and encouraging review! I don't know how many times I reread that. And thanks to Splashpress Media, which promotes Bloggy Award heavily, the name, Crazy Sam's Blogginess gets "splashed" on around twenty additional websites in their network. Now that's quite a lot exposure!

Truth to be told, I have been following Bloggy Award for the past few months trying to see how Noemi's criticisms and suggestions can be used in this blog. Therefore I owe to her a lot because Crazy Sam's Bloginess would not have looked like this without her. And of course, how can I ever forget my blogger friends who always inspire me to write! You guys make even a boring and vacuous post interesting with your friendly and witty comments. As Crazy Sam's Bloginess reaches the 1 year milestone this September 12, I wish to thank all my readers for giving my blog a little time in your busy schedules. So here goes to all of you, a heartfelt THANK YOU!!

Crazy Sam's Bloginess
Click here to read the review at Bloggy Award.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Vande Mataram


Crazy Sam's Bloginess

Vande Mataram (meaning 'I bow to thee, Mother'). Only two words and yet the strength of patriotic feeling they bring in us, Indians, is abysmal. Years ago these very two words gave countless Indians the courage to come forward and show their resistance towards the mighty British Empire.

Today, August 15th of 2008, marks India seeing her 61st year of being independent from the clutches of British. On this day, numorous tri-colour flags will flutter in the breeze all over the country making every Indian proud. But apart being proud, like many of my comrades, I too am sad. Sad to see that India is still struggling to become a "developed" nation while countries like Japan out of their sheer vision and determination became one of the fastest growing countries from absolutely nothing.

India has a long way to go for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's vision to get realized, when she has to face battles from within and outside. Inflation, poverty, corruption, illiteracy, high population growth rate, indisciplined mindset, are all trying to burn out the Indian fervour. British for their benefit introduced the "divide and rule" policy, but the wounds caused by that are still raw even after these 61 years. These wounds are not allowed to heal by the very same people who pledge to serve our motherland. They want to throw dust in the eyes of the common man making him blind to hide their filthy motives. According to me, allowing the mushrooming of these numerous political parties is one of the gravest mistakes that India did post-Independence.

I pray that we do not forget those lessons learnt from the journey of our country which once stood the richest and the most powerful, being forced to yield under the colonization of British. (It has been estimated that the total amount of wealth that the British plundered from India had reached £1 Billion by 1901.) Today I fear that we may not be realizing the impending danger, when the superpower is looming over us. Let our country not become a puppet in their hands as what is happening with our neighbouring country. The whole world is watching us. If we once again don't understand the cleverly disguised traps and proceed ourselves to make a series of wrong moves? Checkmate!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Taare Zameen Par


Crazy Sam's Bloginess

Finally I watched Taare Zameen Par (Stars On Earth). Yeah I know, I am way too behind especially for an outstanding movie like Taare Zameen Par.Crazy Sam's Bloginess

"I cried not because I was shown how badly Ishaan was being treated, but for I was able to associate so many things happened to me in those days with the movie." One of my colleagues told me. This is one movie where men do not shy to reveal that they were teary.

Crazy Sam's Bloginess"You haven't watched Taare Zameen Par?" Everyone used to tell me with that look, like I have committed some crime. And finally I was fortunate to see it. I actually was afraid of the high expectations I had, for everyone was praising about it endlessly and I didn't want to get disappointed. But I didn't, in fact the movie surpassed all my expectations and I was indeed deeply moved.

Crazy Sam's BloginessIt is said that this movie is a must-see for every parent in this world, for every parent who force their dreams and ambitions on their children, for every parent who compares their child's ability with others and in my opinion, Crazy Sam's Bloginessespecially for every parent who nowadays pushes or wants to push their children to the so-called "reality shows." In this competitive world, they fear whether their children would get left behind and so they make them do everything they can think of, to make sure they are ahead in the race even if that means demanding more than what the child could give, as Ram Shankar says. In this attempt, the child is denied to see the colourful world his mind is picturing for him and instead, he is thrown into the grey world of competition.

Crazy Sam's Bloginess

Yes, the movie did bring me back some of the memories that were buried deep down. It made me remember my "drawing on the wall" days. When I was little, the walls of our Crazy Sam's Bloginesshouse used to be the bear witness for my crayon games until they were painted again. The movie also made me remember my Kindergarten days, those teachers who taught me alphabets and words, my school days when I used to paint, our lively drawing sir and the fright I used to get when I realize that I hadn't done that day's maths homework. I wish I could turn back time and experience all that once again. Watching those children from Tulip school Crazy Sam's Bloginessmade me realize again how blessed I am because I know how close I were to be one like them. And finally, I truly couldn't help but feel jealous of Ishaan, for he was fortunate to have the two precious gems I always wish for - a brother and a sincere friend.

Crazy Sam's BloginessAnd now I must echo what everyone kept on telling me, if you haven't seen Taare Zameen Par, you should! This is a must-watch even if you haven't watched a "bollywood" film in your entire life. And no need to be embarrassed if you become emotional and teary coz no one who watched this was able to do otherwise. Taare Zameen Par is indeed a star and a fine masterpiece presented to the world cinema. And I'm proud to see that it was born from India.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Cock-Out Attitude


Are your minds filled with thoughts of how it would have felt to be firmly gripped by the hands of that hunk, breaking all the personal boundaries, feeling his hot breathe, his sweaty arms, standing crotch to crotch and pushed tightly towards each other? Well mine definitely is. Now if you're a keen observer, you must have got the hunk's name. If you didn't, he is Adrian Armas who happens to be an actor as well as a dancer. I bet if I get a hot trainer like that, I would seriously consider learning dancing. And I would be even more happy if I were his only student!

Crazy Sam's Bloginess
"So are you ready to be my student?"

I especially loved his dialogue:
"y'know.. first thing 'bout being a guy is.. y'know.. you lean with your cock.. y'know.. it's.. everything is.. cock-out."

Hmm.. cock-out. That's a term I'm liking very much. Now coming to think of it, most of the guys that get my attention do have the cock-out attitude, you know.. while they sit, stand, talk.. coz it's a sign of how confident he is. So there you have it! A term to ponder upon for the rest of your day. Let me give you an exercise too. See how many guys around you have this cock-out attitude and what do you feel about them. Okay okay, I'm stopping this nonsense talk, but before that, check out more pics of Adrian Armas.

Crazy Sam's BloginessCrazy Sam's BloginessCrazy Sam's Bloginess

Crazy Sam's Bloginess

And thanks to Ryan, from whose blog I got to see this video in the first place. So blame him for inspiring me to write this post!

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