Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yet Another Shout Out!


Mark Leslie Woods at Mordechai Razing Ziggurats remarks:
Crazy Sam's Bloginess is apolitical casual male sex with easy conversation blogspace. From time to time we post our web surfing finds -- thought you all might enjoy this unassumingly gentle gay gem.
Unassumingly gentle gay gem? Wow!! I'm flattered! Thank you Mark! It's very encouraging to see you guys are actually finding my blog interesting. Nope, I'm not being modest. Ask my friends, they will have hundreds of instances to prove how narcissistic I can be. One even told me that I might be suffering from delusions of grandeur. Lol!

Mark's post also has a screenshot of this page. I always wanted to see how my blog would appear on a widescreen and thanks to Mark, I got to see that. Click here to read the Mordechai Razing Ziggurats post.

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