Thursday, January 24, 2008

An End To A Video - Quest


Years before, one fine morning while I was channel surfing, a video on MTV brought me to a screeching stop. It was so tempting that my eyes practically lost the power to blink. For a moment, I forgot where I was. I didn't feel like switching to the next channel. Then I heard my parents talking from the next room and I realized that it could cause an uncomfortable situation if they knew what I was watching. So reluctantly, very reluctantly I changed the channel.

Even though I saw it only for few seconds, from that day onwards there was an eagerness to see that video once more. And ever since I got broadband I was searching for it far and wide. Finally today I found what I was looking for. First I thought, this couldn't be it. I had only a very vague memory of what the video was like. But after some time I knew, I have finally hit the jackpot!

Well... what was this video all about? I never practically cared to give attention to the music because of the visuals. So can't comment about the music. But the video is something that can make you stop whatever you are doing (or choke in case you were eating). At first, I thought it was hot, erotic and tempting. But then I felt like it is making me obnoxious. Why? I do not know. May be because of the way they did it. The whole video features only one activity - Two people kissing. Back then, when I first saw it, I thought it was a guy and a girl kissing. But today, within the comfort of my private space I was able to watch it without being afraid of getting caught and saw that
they were actually two guys!!

Do I want my boyfriend (yet to find, by the way) to kiss me like that? Probably not. But I liked the ending part where the tongues stopped dancing and the lips started to embrace each other.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Men N' Music


This has been hiding under my collection for so long and I thought it would be great to share on this page. Though the music is nice, not all men featured are my type. Beefy men don't turn me on that much. I usually like defined guys and the-guy-next-door types. Make sure your speakers are on before clicking to watch the video.

As you might have noticed, the photographer is Pat Lee. I had downloaded this video years back from his site Axius Photography, but now I see this is not hosted there anymore. So I uploaded it for you! *wink*

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Launching New Blog


Music is such an integral part of me. In fact, it has such a profound effect on me that it can lift my spirits up when I feel down, it can give me strength when I feel weak, it can even make me forget where I am. Last week I was at the Music World and I was kinda dancing to the song that was played there. How I wish I owned an Ipod! Then day and night I could listen to songs. Although I am not a gadget freak, Ipod is one toy I definitely want to possess. Anyways, for the past few days, I was browsing through YouTube and I was glad to find the videos of music that I liked. That got me thinking, wouldn't it be cool if they all be at one place, together! I do not intend to put music videos here unless it had something gay-worthy to drool about. Also, if I start posting music videos here, I think this one might end up turning into a music blog. So today I finished setting up the new blog just for showcasing all those music I like.

If you ask any Indian which music director they like the most, I am sure the majority would choose A.R. Rahman. His songs have that refreshing essence that make you feel like you are in synch with the sound waves coming out. I was once at the movie theater for the Tamil film, "Alaypayuthey". The movie started and the credits started to roll in, of course they were written in Tamil. So we all couldn't make out what it was. But the moment we saw "A. R." in one of them, the whole theater was like whistling and clapping. Such is the impact of this 41 year old guy. Andrew Lloyd Webber was so impressed with Rahman's works that he asked Rahman to work with him for the stage musical, "Bombay Dreams" which became a huge success in UK. Rahman was a major factor for Taj Mahal to be chosen as one among the New Seven Wonders Of The World.

A.R. Rahman, the Indian Maestro.

The first post on my new blog features his song,
"Pray For Me Brother", his contribution towards eradication of poverty.

Click here to reach my new blog and watch the video.

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