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CSB Now Straight-Friendlier Than Ever!


Crazy Sam's Bloginess: CSB April 09 Mock-up Magazine Cover Toni Sulankivi

I may be taking this whole "straight-friendly" thing too seriously, but I gotta admit.. it's kinda overwhelming when I see people linking to this blog (thank you!) as "The Straight-Friendly Gay Blog". But I always had the doubt (and some have expressed their concerns), would any straight person care to read this blog when the first thing he or she sees as the page loads, is a close up shot of a guy's crotch? At a time when we are trying to make others understand that homosexuality is much more than having sex with the same gender, I felt the banner of this blog was sort of evincing the message of prurience. We tend to throw our sexuality on society's face with vulgarism and obscenity. Take for example, the gay parades. I know we need to make our voices heard, but do we really have to resort to those obtrusive and lewd exhibitionism that only make people cringe? I have never been to a gay pride parade and may be media likes to promote only those images, but why can't we have parades devoid of any "vulgar flaunting of sexual orientation"? How about marching by guys holding hands of guys and gals with gals? It is distinct and it sends out the message loud and clear, don't ya think so?

On that spirit, this month CSB rolls out its new blog banner. Simultaneously, new badge has also been put up for your linking pleasure. Please find it in the CSB badge area on the third column. Also I have added a link to an article under "Must-Reads" section (appearing in the middle column). Conny Van Dyke, the actress, writes an open letter to all mothers of gay and lesbian children instructing them to let go of their intolerance, not their loved ones. A must-read it is! [via Pop Max Now]

Finally.. During the whole month of March, CSB asked the readers what do they consider as their first sexual experience. Thanks to all the 234 individuals who took part in the poll. Here is the result:

7% (17) -> kissing
18% (41) -> mutual masturbation
25% (59) -> oral
50% (117) -> anal

Another question was regarding the age at which they first "got lucky".

5% (10) -> 5-9
9% (20) -> 25-29
18% (39) -> 10-14
33% (72) -> 20-24
35% (77) -> 15-19

I should have also added another option "30 and above", coz only 218 people responded to this one. Apologies to those 16. Anyways, I had fun doing this and hope you guys did too!

So going by the popular opinion, I'm still ehmm.. you know! :P

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Cover Guy: Toni Sulankivi
CSB Mock-up Magazine Cover Done By: Crazy Sam
Disclaimer: Toni Sulankivi has no affiliation with Crazy Sam's Bloginess (CSB) in any way whatsoever.

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