Saturday, September 12, 2009

CSB Turns 2!


Crazy Sam's Bloginess: CSB September 09 Mock-up Magazine Cover
It's been two years and I really can't believe this blog actually survived for this long! As cliched it may sound, this journey became all the more interesting only because I am fortunate to have you readers and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. A special thanks to Vee for recommending CSB to his readers.

CSB had been running a poll for the past few weeks on "Invitations Of A Different Kind." I admit that the questions posed were quite quirky, but you guys dared to play along. The poll received 379 responses. Click here to get back to the post and see the results. (By the way, if you remember my earlier poll, I think it's time that I change my status! :D)

That's all for now. My present situation doesn't allow me to blog frequently or type long posts, but I hope that will all change soon. So don’t you dare to ditch

Other Articles Shown On The Cover:

CSB Mock-up Magazine Cover Done By: Crazy Sam
Disclaimer: The guy shown on the cover has no affiliation with Crazy Sam's Bloginess (CSB) in any way whatsoever.

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