Thursday, November 22, 2007

Loving My New Look


When my parents came home that night, the look on their face was priceless! Mother exclaimed, "This is not my son!" And my father had a grin on his face. He didn't say anything but I could see what he was thinking, "Was there any need to have this done?" Although I know the style is quite out of fashion, getting my curly hair to be straightened was a dream that I was yearning all these years. A year before, when I exposed my desire to the styler, he looked at me and said, "Not possible, not enough length!" Damn! That time, I allowed him to cut my hair short.

This time, I decided to fulfill that wish and I had been growing my hair for the past 6 months. Yeah towards the end of it, I looked really atrocious with the enormous bush that's crowned on my head. I wanted to get this done before the wedding that I mentioned earlier. One of my uncle hinted, "I heard you are going to cut your hair." I told him that I never said that. Obviously everyone is worried that I might screw up the wedding pictures. During the final days before the visit to the hairdresser, daily I used to measure the length using a scale and I wasn't pleased. I didn't want to hear one more "not enough length" statement. (Anyone thinking naughty? :p) So imagine my joy when he checked my hair and said, "Yeah, it can be done."

So after four hours of treatment that featured application of chemicals, ironing, moisturizers and blow-drying, I got that wish seen in action. Yeha! I got the new look and I'm loving it!! I love the way everyone gets a shock when they look at me expecting the usual. It is so hilarious!! Can't wait to give that shock to my relatives at the wedding. People have been giving me mixed reactions. For some, they are totally liking the change and for the others, they preferred the old Sam. They say that I have lost that innocent look, now I have more of a cruel one. Even though I am loving all the attention that I am getting, one thing I am concerned about is my hair has become really thin! And I have to be really careful while washing it. Special shampoo, special moisturizer, hair serum.. God! I am now spending more than 15 minutes on my hair!! And it is seriously hurting my macho-feelings.

Personally I would not recommend hair-straightening to anyone. Google it to know the pros and cons. But if you are so hell-bent like me, then never ever try to do it yourself. Professionals need to be doing that, that's why they are trained. Also your hair needs special care after that like for a newborn, see what I am stuck with!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Bhool Bhulaiyaa


Whoever said Bhool Bhulaiyaa rocks must not have seen its original version, ‘Manichithrathazhu’. I normally don’t watch Hindi movies from Priyadarshan. But what raised my curiosity to see Bhool Bhulaiyaa was, it had my all time favourite, Vidya Balan. Knowing that she is handling the core role made me even more inquisitive to see how she matches with Shobana, who acted Vidya’s part (To say, Vidya acted Shobana’s part would be more appropriate) in the original Malayalam version of the movie.

The gifted bharathanatyam dancer and actor, Shobana.

I still remember those days, years before when I was in school. It was a routine that on the evening of the last day of my exams, I and my parents would go out for movie and dinner. I loved those evenings. I used to feel such a relief, because I no longer have to worry about the studies, the exams are over and going out with my parents in our car to the city used to be a big deal for me. I would be so excited that during the drive I would practically talk non-stop while my parents sitting in the front suffer my gibbers. I saw Manichithrathazhu on one such similar occasion.

I didn’t have any clue what the movie was about. It first started out to be a funny one with occasional odd moments that were kinda freaky. And as the movie progressed, the freakiness started to compound. How scared I felt! And the acting? Topnotch! Mohanlal gave one of his best shots and I don't have enough words to comment on Shobana’s performance. I was amazed to see how efficaciously she was able to reach the different levels of the character and only someone who is highly proficient can consummate such a complex role. No wonder she bagged that year’s National Film Award for best actress! (in 1993)

Shobana in 'Manichithrathazhu'.

Today, I got the DivX print of Bhool Bhulaiyaa and I wasn’t going to see the whole movie. Already had enough bad experiences from Priyadarshan’s movies (or should I say re-makes??) I just wanted to see Vidya’s performance. I think she is one of the very few talented actresses in Bollywood. So I skipped to the prominent parts. But sad to say, even she couldn’t do justice to the role. I felt like, she was not really getting into the character. I can’t believe that I am saying this about her, but to me what she portrayed to be vehement actually seemed funny. And it is better not to talk about Akshay Kumar’s toothless attempt. It is so evident that he tried to be Mohanlal, but alas! He too failed miserably. Now I don’t want to comment about the direction because I can’t, since I haven’t fully watched the movie and I am not intending to do it also. But those who were unfortunate to watch this film told me that Priyadarshan has tried to do exactly (in other words, copy!!) what the original director, Fazil did. But by the look of it, I think Priyadarshan (He worked as assistant director for Manichithrathazhu) couldn’t even match to one–tenth of Fazil’s expertise.

Vidya Balan in 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa'.

So you know what my final words would be about Bhool Bhulaiyaa. I would say watching Manichithrathazhu with subtitles is any times better than suffering this Priyadarshan faux. Thank God that I didn’t waste money for seeing this film in a movie hall!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Home Is Silent


They look at me. No anger, but I see the pain. I know they are trying to swallow it down, trying to accept the reality. Yesterday, the last of the pups also found a new home and now only Papa-dog and Mama-dog are realizing that their children have been disappearing one by one.

But the good news is that all four of them got nice homes, people who care for them. And the best part is, they won't be put in kennels. All four of them will have the freedom to roam around inside their houses just like ours. That's one thing we were concerned about; their freedom. It's amazing how different one's character can become if their freedom is snatched from them. I mean, when my parents went to bring home Papa-dog from my aunt, there was also his brother. All these years, my aunt raised him inside the kennel, and we brought up Papa-dog giving all the freedom he needs. Now if you see both the brothers, you would be amazed. His brother has become this tempestuous one where as Papa-dog has turned out to be friendly and loving.

Papa-dog now misses his children. He didn't eat his meal yesterday. He was the one who played with the pups all the time. The pups loved him the most. They would try to catch and pull his tail, chew his ears, try to lie on top of him. Mama-dog is also sad. In the middle of the night when I went to drink water, I saw her lying motionless. I sat beside her. She was not sleeping, but looking somewhere thinking about something, may be about her children. I caressed her, but that didn't seem to ease her pain.

Now it's time for everyone to settle down. Time to get the home back to its orderliness. It's the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, with lots of good memories to treasure.

The home is silent.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Sherwani And My Wedding


Do you ever experience guilt after shopping? Well, I do. Especially after I shop for clothes. I will become this ferocious critic for spending money on them because I know pretty soon, I would lose interest in wearing them. Then, isn't this all just a waste of money? That is why I rarely go out for shopping. Also I'm pretty bad in choosing clothes that look good on me. But some occasions force you to go for shopping, like when you got to attend a wedding and that too especially if it is your cousin brothers'.

This time, I chose to buy sherwani. It has been in my mind for quite a long time now to own one of those. I went there with the prospect of buying one, instead I came back with two! We checked out lot of sherwanis and ended up liking two of them. One had very nice artwork while the other was a rare colour with neat design and I couldn't just decide which one to reject. Wearing sherwanis is a different feeling altogether. They do give you a different look, a noble look. I also bought two matching stoles and a pair of jutti to go with the shervanis. I looked quite impressive, much to my surprise and my parents stated that I might let the people think that I was the groom!

With my cousins all getting married one after another, pretty soon my number will also be up. Now itself people have started asking about me to my parents seeing me at my cousin's engagement. Everyone was reminding me, "You are next!" Now imagine the situation when they see me in sherwani at the wedding! And one of my cousin sister is determined to start the search for a girl for me soon after this wedding. I know she is just joking. But think of the situation when one fine day, she actually proves that she wasn't!

I use every opportunity to convey my coldness of having a wedding for me. So while we were returning after the shopping, I once again said to my parents that I didn't intend to get married. But my father told me that I needed to have a companion and I won't realize its importance until I reach the old age. I wanted to say, "I agree that I want a companion, but is it necessary that it should be some one of the opposite sex?" Anyways, I've got another 5 or 6 years before the marriage question pops up. I have decided long back that I will not get married to a woman. I know if I marry a woman, then I would be dragging her into this whole mess which is unfair to both of us.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blog Reviewed


Crazy Sam’s Bloginess has articles written on a variety of themes. I was very pleased with the amount of pictures of good looking men on the site! The articles were well written and of a good length. There were a lot of film reviews and also general observations about life. I found it interesting and this sort of blog is not normally the sort of thing that I would read. I liked the layout but would have liked to have had the articles split into categories so it was easier to find an article on a particular subject.
- Our Blog Review

Thank you Rachel for reviewing my blog. I was quite doubtful while submitting this blog for the review because I saw mine is not the type you had done the reviews on. So obviously I was surprised and excited when I saw your notification about the review. I am glad that you liked my site and its contents and I really appreciate for taking time to go through my blog. About the articles to be split into categories, I had thought of doing it. But what is put here are mostly my random thoughts and I find it difficult to categorize them. To tell you the truth, the hardest part while writing a post is to find a suitable title. After typing the content, it usually takes ages for me to come up with a satisfactory title and I think it would be even more hard in the case of tagging my posts. I hope the search bar comes handy for checking specific posts.

So if any of you would like their blogs to be reviewed and want to see what others think about your site, just make a stop at Our Blog Review. I'm sure this would also help your blogs to get more traffic.

Today I and my friends were talking about Google's AdSense and how it was cool and all that. Well.. they were telling, for AdSense to happen, one needs to have a website or a blog and I so wanted to shout, "Guess what? I have one!" But even when having a blog, I can't enter the AdSense program. Coz, you need to give your real name and the complete home address. For closeted gays like me, it is risky to put all that info onto the net. But it would've been nice to have the AdSense running on my page. Sigh!

Why can't they come up with something like crediting some points for the clicks on the ads and trade that points for availing some online services, for example giving premium RapidShare account for a particular time period based on the points you earn. In that case, there is no need to collect the real name and the address.
What do ya think!

Update - Saturday, November 10, 2007:
As you can see, I was finally able to categorize the posts (Yaay!). Thanks to phydeaux3 for lucidly explaining how to create that cool label cloud.

Update - Friday, February 1, 2008:
You won't be able to see the label cloud now since I took it down for the new template.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tattoos And Piercings


Pheobe messaged me asking about which ear if the guy do the piercing denotes him as gay. I messaged back saying 'right.' Out of curiosity, I asked why all of a sudden she wanted to know that. There is a guy in her office who pierced his left ear, so she was just inquisitive. I told her, now I am bit confused because I actually didn't know whether my answer was correct. Earlier during my pre-coming out days, Pheobe had asked me to wear a ring on the ear. And when I wore it on the right, she including my friends laughed and said that I was gay. I got the shock of my life then, but it was all fun, so nobody took it serious.

Crazy Sam's Bloginess: Tattooed Arm

The guy in her office, Pheobe says, now looks so uncool with the piercing. I personally distaste piercing and tattooing, especially the piercing. I think it is utter insaneness to have them. (Ever read about the harmful outcomes of having them?) But Phoebe loves tattooed guys. According to her, tattoo projects a statement about the person.. Huh!! Whatever that means! Ok fine, little bit of tattoo is ok.. like on arms, but putting them on chest, neck, or on back or on any other place is a total turn off for me. And about piercing, I almost pass out whenever I see one.

So I asks her, how is this guy. She says he is not at all my type.
"Well.. then tell me what's my type?"
She messages back, "Easy to talk to.. Bit of an extrovert.. Funny.. Unassuming about his good looks.. Honest, especially about his feelings."

I was actually blown away by her answer, because that's so correct! I am amazed to realize how well she knows me.

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