Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Return Of The Craziness


Crazy Sam's Bloginess: CSB March 2010 Mock-up Magazine Cover
Yes, I'm back! Yay!! Forget everything that happened here during the past few weeks, I apologize if I caused you any confusion as a result of the drama. But it's heartening to see some of you so attached to CSB. I'm especially grateful to those who posted comments, sent emails and chat messages trying to show me that CSB is one of a kind and it should not be ceased or worse, get deleted.

I'm sure all of you remember our Phunk Factor. Finally, he came to his senses and now he has a blog!! Called Go Phunk Yourself!!, his blog can be reached at Phunk Factor had posted two entries here almost two months ago and you can read the further updates on his blog.

CSB Bags 4 Nominations For AGB Awards 2009
In 2008, Poonam of Visceral Observations came up with the concept of Avant Garde Bloggies Awards to recognize and honour Indian bloggers for their contribution to the blogosphere. CSB was nominated for five categories then and awared the first runner-up for Best Courageous Post. The second season of AGB Awards is now live and after tedious elimination processes by Poonam and team, the jury has announced this year's finalists. Out of the finalists, the best gets chosen by a public poll. This year CSB is nominated for four categories:

You can click on the above categories to directly reach the poll-site of the respective categories and caste your vote (for me :P). If you like to check out other categories, the finalists and the link to their posts are put up here. And to vote for them, the polls are currently live at The deadline is 28th March midnight IST (i.e., coming Sunday.) So hurry up and act fast if you want to be an influence in the search for the absolute best posts of 2009.

This is the return of Crazy Sam.

CSB March 2010 Mock-up Magazine Cover
Cover Details
Photographer: Bradford Rogne
Original Image Copyrighted To: Bradford Rogne
CSB Mock-up Magazine Cover Done By: Crazy Sam

Other Articles Shown On The Cover:

Update - Monday, April 05, 2010:
'Yuva Dares to Bring Open Closet' gets runner up for 'Best Off-Beat Post' at AGB Awards 09. Thanks to all who voted for me. :-)

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