Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why Indian Brides Are In Trouble


One of my good friends got married recently. Though we meet only once or twice a year, we always have a great time when he comes to my city. When we first met, it started out as a complete disaster with one awkward moment after another. But by the end of the day, everything cooled down and Davis and I decided to keep in touch. I used to feel envious when I see the ease at which he flirts with guys and I always wished that I could be that proficient. He surely would be furious and at the same time I would be exaggerating if I say that I always associated him with Jack from Will & Grace. Though Davis used to have his share of fun, I expected him to settle down with a guy in the end. And I know he wanted to.

When I learnt that Davis was getting married, I asked him whether he was doing that out of compulsion from his mother. He was not. The truth is, he had enough of all the unstable relationships and was wishing for some stability in his life. So here is a guy who knows his ways with guys, but somehow or the other was never successful in having a relationship and decides to settle down with a gal. I still can't picture him as a married guy and probably won't, even if I see him with his wife. But I'm feeling uneasy. And I don't think I'm that concerned about him to let myself feel this way. I feel as if Davis is portraying what my life would be after some five years. I'm 23 and still haven't found a guy that interests me (Oh please! I'm not that strict on the turn-on list) and the ones that I see some chance shut me off completely. Right now I'm damn sure that I don't want to marry a gal. But I'm not sure about what could happen after five years when I'm still failing to find a compatible guy and my parents forcing me to marry a gal. Will I surrender to my selfish needs to feel committed? Will I turn a blind eye on what I'm doing to the gal in order to make my parents happy? Will I sacrifice my utopian dream of living with my guy happily ever after?

Although I'm not that superstitious, but these astrologers are surely giving me a hard time. The recent guy told my parents that I need to be married off by the time I am 27 or else my marriage could happen only very late. And add to that about the prediction of me having two children. EEKS!! If they possess the power they claim to have, why can't they frigging tell my parents that I might not be liking the idea of marrying a woman!

By the way, I'm surprised to see the profiles of two teenage guys (probably around 18) in my city stating that they are openly homosexual to their friends and families. I admire their courage to come out so early in their lives even though this is a homo-hating country and hats off to the families and friends who proudly support them!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Hunk Alert


So have you seen Samantha Jade's "Turn Around". Even though she looks absolutely stunning, as always my eyes are exclusively focussed on the guy.

Isn't he a stud-muffin? I bet you guys are all dying to know his name. He is Bart Blackwell.

Googling for his pics won't give you satisfactory results. But thanks to Andrew Christian for featuring him as their model, more of his pics can be found here. I don't know why.. I feel like calling him "Sven".

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Friday, April 11, 2008

How To Turn-On Sam : Nine Sure Shot Ways!


1. The Chest Hair

Don't shave off your chest hair, keep it! Chest hair is a MAJOR turn-on for Sam. While sitting opposite to him, make sure that you have buttoned your shirt in such a way that he gets a peek of what is inside. (But don't be too flashy!) He's sure to get red hot charged up!

2. The Voice

Your voice may prove to be a blessing to make him notice you among the crowd. Sam is bewitched when he hears deep strong voice. And if you've got British accent, then nothing can cut off his attention from you!

3. The Eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to one's soul. But do you know they can also open the door to Sam's loving heart? Blue, green and hazel eyes can make him go crazy about you and he will be tempted to look into them whenever you are with him.

4. The Smile

Show him your charming smile. A dimple or two on your cheeks can even earn extra points. And if you possess that naughty grin, do not hesitate to flash that and Sam can be hooked on you just like that!

5. The Sense Of Humour

What can be a more turn-on than you having a great sense of humour! Sam likes to laugh a lot and if you can make him giggle on every conversation that you put, he can become attracted to you just like a moth to a flame!

6. The Dancer

Love to burn the dance floor? Show him your moves, but not in a gayish way. Let Sam check you out while you shake your bon bon and he can be fantasizing about you all week long thinking about your feat.

7. The Cooking

If you love cooking then you could have a more promising chance of wooing Sam. He finds men cooking as a manly and caring act. He will be delighted to know that you are a wiz. Tell him how much you wish to make him all the delicious courses and his mouth will be watering not for the bites, but for you!

8. The Driver

If you love to steer your way on the road, then Sam's TOQ (Turn-On Quotient) for you will soar high. There is something sexy in watching a man drive his car. But do not forget to allow Sam to take control when you both are on a bike.

9. The Animal Lover

Are you an animal lover? Sam feels easily connected to people who shows compassion to animals. So if you've got a dog at home, Sam will enjoy watching you petting and playing with your loyal tail-wagger. (No pun intended!)

So what are you waiting for? Now you know what to do!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Because I Love You


He came and handed me a cone shaped box. I checked it's base knowing he had hidden the actual thing there, and I couldn't believe it!! I was searching for that for the past few months and it was unavailable everywhere. The moment I saw it, I realized he must have taken great pains in finding that for me.

I asked, "Why did you do this for me."

He looked in to my eyes and said, "Because I love you."

Till then I never even had the slightest idea that he actually saw me in that way. We were just close friends, that's all the importance I gave to our relationship.

He leaned towards me to reach my lips and I didn't try to move away. The next moment, we were lip-locked. It was the first kiss I had ever experienced and I was totally consumed by the power of love it had. The furniture faded, the couch faded, the walls faded. I felt that the whole world was centered on him and all I was able to see, was him. We hugged and I felt like we became one, our souls connected and the weight I carried in my heart all these years at last began lessening. It felt great to feel his chest and I could feel his heart beating. I knew I have fallen in love finally. It was the most magical feeling I had ever experienced and my heart became light as a feather.

I looked up to see his face, but then he faded into thin air! I am no longer hugging him, no longer feeling his chest, that's when I was greeted by the dim light in my room. I sat on my bed, not knowing what to believe or what not to believe. Because I am still feeling that power of love. I can still feel that magical energy around me, I can still feel his smell, and my heart is still light, so what does this all mean? As I was wondering about what had just happened, my heart started gaining weight...

Is Sam trying to fool us with one of his "fictions" again?
No!!! This is a real account of what happened to me some three years back. (And for your information, I wasn't trying to fool anyone with that fiction post.) Finally when I woke up, I was finding really difficult to accept that it was all a dream because it felt all so freakishly real! Even after waking up, I could actually feel his presence in me - like I said, his love lingered around me for sometime.

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