Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Love To Hide


Last night, I cried myself to sleep. Those scenes kept on playing in my mind and I could feel the trauma that they must have experienced. I thought, how could man be so barbarous, how could anyone even have the nerve to think such sadist deeds. And before I knew, tears came rolling down my face..

I usually don't cry after seeing a movie. Even if I feel down, it is very rare that I cry thinking upon it. But this one, I couldn't just pass it off as another emotional story. I know though the characters were fictious, the events weren't. Un amour à taire (A Love To Hide) deals with the gay holocaust during the Nazi era. This is one truly amazing, heart wrenching and powerful film and as one viewer rightly puts it, "conveys much of what is worst and best of humanity set in 1942 during the upheaval of Nazi-occupied Paris."

Honestly, I didn't know what this movie was all about because I never read the summery of movies fearing that I might bump into a spoiler and wreck the whole experience. All I knew was, this was something concerning gay people and could be emotional. But then as the scenes started coming alive, I wasn't prepared for what I was seeing. I could feel my heart becoming heavy, my eyes becoming wet and hoping for that silver line in the dark clouds.

Not to sound all preachy here, but do we realize how lucky we (some of us) are to be born in this time and place, where people have begun to realize that homosexuality is not a disease, and we are not sent for "re-education" to become straight and we are not exterminated to "cleanse" the race. A Love To Hide is a must-see for everyone no matter what you think you are. The language is French, but with the subtitles, the touching storyline, the excellent direction and the wonderful performance by the actors, this movie could shake you to your core.

Did you choose your blue eyes?? Same here. I didn't choose to love men.

Trust me, don't wait to read the reviews. Just grab a copy and watch it!

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