Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Blah!


The wedding went fine. For me this was nothing like I've ever attended because the wedding had a mix of Northern and Southern cultures put into it. I was actually planning to surprise everyone on the wedding day about the new look, but had to give away the suspense on the night before the wedding itself. As you see in Hindi movies, the night was filled with music and dance. I had a wonderful time, because everyone's attention was on me. They were all just in awe seeing me. During 'Dhoom Again' and 'Dard-E-Disco', I really got the chance to show off. My moves dumbfounded many and some asked me whether I had previously learnt the dance. Truth to be told, the only sessions I had were those that I do daily in front of my comp with the speakers blasting at their maximum. And most of the steps are so gay that could dizzy my parents if they ever see me performing. (Put me some Britney tunes and you'll see what I mean.) So I was taking extra-caution not to make those queer moves during the celebration. But all in all, I loved the attention.

Next day, I emerged out wearing the sherwani and I looked damn good (or should I say, I looked fabulous!) I asked the wedding photographer to take some snaps of me. And he was like, he was about to tell me that. In my opinion, only a professional photographer can make me look good. I not at all photograph well. I might be getting a decent one only after clicking 50 or 60 snaps. Seriously! It's like I'm not meant to be filmed, but to be seen in real. But the most frustrating part is when I take photos of others, they become exceptionally good! How unfair is that!

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