Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Home Is Silent


They look at me. No anger, but I see the pain. I know they are trying to swallow it down, trying to accept the reality. Yesterday, the last of the pups also found a new home and now only Papa-dog and Mama-dog are realizing that their children have been disappearing one by one.

But the good news is that all four of them got nice homes, people who care for them. And the best part is, they won't be put in kennels. All four of them will have the freedom to roam around inside their houses just like ours. That's one thing we were concerned about; their freedom. It's amazing how different one's character can become if their freedom is snatched from them. I mean, when my parents went to bring home Papa-dog from my aunt, there was also his brother. All these years, my aunt raised him inside the kennel, and we brought up Papa-dog giving all the freedom he needs. Now if you see both the brothers, you would be amazed. His brother has become this tempestuous one where as Papa-dog has turned out to be friendly and loving.

Papa-dog now misses his children. He didn't eat his meal yesterday. He was the one who played with the pups all the time. The pups loved him the most. They would try to catch and pull his tail, chew his ears, try to lie on top of him. Mama-dog is also sad. In the middle of the night when I went to drink water, I saw her lying motionless. I sat beside her. She was not sleeping, but looking somewhere thinking about something, may be about her children. I caressed her, but that didn't seem to ease her pain.

Now it's time for everyone to settle down. Time to get the home back to its orderliness. It's the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, with lots of good memories to treasure.

The home is silent.

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