Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blog Reviewed


Crazy Sam’s Bloginess has articles written on a variety of themes. I was very pleased with the amount of pictures of good looking men on the site! The articles were well written and of a good length. There were a lot of film reviews and also general observations about life. I found it interesting and this sort of blog is not normally the sort of thing that I would read. I liked the layout but would have liked to have had the articles split into categories so it was easier to find an article on a particular subject.
- Our Blog Review

Thank you Rachel for reviewing my blog. I was quite doubtful while submitting this blog for the review because I saw mine is not the type you had done the reviews on. So obviously I was surprised and excited when I saw your notification about the review. I am glad that you liked my site and its contents and I really appreciate for taking time to go through my blog. About the articles to be split into categories, I had thought of doing it. But what is put here are mostly my random thoughts and I find it difficult to categorize them. To tell you the truth, the hardest part while writing a post is to find a suitable title. After typing the content, it usually takes ages for me to come up with a satisfactory title and I think it would be even more hard in the case of tagging my posts. I hope the search bar comes handy for checking specific posts.

So if any of you would like their blogs to be reviewed and want to see what others think about your site, just make a stop at Our Blog Review. I'm sure this would also help your blogs to get more traffic.

Today I and my friends were talking about Google's AdSense and how it was cool and all that. Well.. they were telling, for AdSense to happen, one needs to have a website or a blog and I so wanted to shout, "Guess what? I have one!" But even when having a blog, I can't enter the AdSense program. Coz, you need to give your real name and the complete home address. For closeted gays like me, it is risky to put all that info onto the net. But it would've been nice to have the AdSense running on my page. Sigh!

Why can't they come up with something like crediting some points for the clicks on the ads and trade that points for availing some online services, for example giving premium RapidShare account for a particular time period based on the points you earn. In that case, there is no need to collect the real name and the address.
What do ya think!

Update - Saturday, November 10, 2007:
As you can see, I was finally able to categorize the posts (Yaay!). Thanks to phydeaux3 for lucidly explaining how to create that cool label cloud.

Update - Friday, February 1, 2008:
You won't be able to see the label cloud now since I took it down for the new template.

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