Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mambo Italiano


God! I Luuurrved this movie! From the moment you hear the narration of Angelo's life from his pre-born days to the present when he talks to the guy at the Gay Helpline, you will know that you are guaranteed to have a fun time till the end. Angelo is gay and closeted who happens to be bestowed with parents who act crazy all the time (which is real fun!), a sister who goes to the anxious mode every now and then and a hunky (and yummy) boyfriend who feels insecure about his sexuality. Together they all present to you, what I can say, one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. The dialogues are so witty and f**king hilarious!

Angelo: There is no fate worse than being gay and Italian.

All the lead actors have got some attraction factor which makes you sit there like a moth attracted to the flame. Angelo (Luke Kirby) is cute and has got beautiful eyes which I was gazing the whole time whenever his scene came up. His boyfriend Nino (Peter Miller), handsome and smoking good body! His face reminded me of my first crush. The Gay Helpline guy, Peter (Tim Post) is cute too and clearly he possesses the voice that could blossom romance even in the coldest of hearts. And I especially loved the boy (Michael Romano) who played Angelo's younger days - loved his smiles.

Luke Kirby is beautiful.

Mambo Italiano is a perfect movie to watch if you want something lighthearted after the day's tiresome chores.

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