Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Time Has Come


I am feeling down to know that these days whisked by so fast and the time has come to give them away. I can't believe that those tiny wriggling things who could barely open their eyes have now become healthy pups, so active and naughty that the whole house has become a playground for them. They are one bunch of impish gang, trying to gnaw whatever that comes in their way, fighting and playing, making a racket whenever they feel hungry, then curling up together to sleep with their stomachs all bloated like a pregnant woman, and upon waking doing their business of making pools here and there and again back to the gnawing and fighting. The cycle continues.. I have watched them grow from the size of half of my palm to... well, they have all now become chubby because of their never-unattended hunger demands.

Two of them (one male, the other female) are exact replica of Mama-dog with black coat and white patches like socks on each toes. Another one (female) is white with brown spots and then the chubbiest (male), with brown coat and again white on the toes. The tiniest of all is the male black pup, the cutest and most furred. He looks like a doll.

I still remember the day when Papa-dog was brought to our home two years ago. He was their size then and so nervous. But seeing me, he began to wag his little tail. Yesterday I happened to see one of his puppy photos, how funny he looked! He is one very loving dog. Wherever I move around the house, I could feel his eyes following me. Always playful and active, he has become a handsome young chap. He has an undeterred will. I have often wondered, if he were born as human he would have achieved a lot in his life. The one thing that nags me about him is his unnecessary barking to even the feeblest sounds. He is still a kiddo and very much pampered by my parents. Mama-dog joined our family only 3 months back. It was more like the bringing of bride to the groom's home. She is one year old and was given to us by one of my cousins. She used to be very quiet timid type in the beginning. We even thought that she might be mute. Over time, she became used to the new home, and now her barks can be heard far and wide!

I am just thinking about the pups. All these days, they made my life more colorful. A sudden calmness would come into me whenever I watch them sleeping peacefully. My mind would get lightened up when I see them play. The way they walk with their tiny paws is so cute. Always trying to lick me when I lift them and I would get the whiff of their puppy-smell. Soon they all will be gone and I am gonna miss them terribly. We can't afford to keep another four dogs in our home because the whole place is already rocking with these two. I just hope all the four are lucky to get nice families. And tomorrow, one will walk away to a caring home.

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  • dgboiler October 15, 2007 at 3:33 PM

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