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Bloggy Award Reviews Crazy Sam's Bloginess!


Crazy Sam's Bloginess

"Content is king. But design is queen." So says Bloggy Award, an esteemed blog reviewing site from Splashpress Media. At Bloggy Award, a blog is scrutinized based on five criteria.
1. Visual Aesthetics, 2. User Friendliness, 3. Reading Enjoyment, 4. Useful Info and
5. Overall Experience.

So when Crazy Sam's Bloginess managed to score the perfect 10 in all these criteria, need I tell you how excited and happy I was?!!
Here's what Bloggy Award had to report:
Crazy Sam’s Bloginess is the blog of a gay guy who wants to share his thoughts and experiences to the rest of the world. He describes himself as “not a serious blogger, but occasionally I feel like writing about myself, the people I meet, the experiences I cherish, the music and movies I love, the cute guys that catch my eyes…”

Visual Aesthetics - 10
Crazy Sam’s Bloginess uses a 3-column template and everything is arranged in such a way that the visual experience is just perfect. The ads, quotes, and posts come together so beautifully. The posts also have a smattering of relevant pictures - many of them eye candy.

User Friendliness - 10
Despite the immense amount of content, Crazy Sam is able to give his readers an easy time when it comes to finding information. The middle and right column provides a lot of relevant links which make for easy navigation. The pages load up with no problems at all.

Reading Enjoyment - 10
Here is one blog that will surely give you a grand time. The posts are very well-written. Crazy Sam sure knows how to play around with words to produce the effect that the post theme wants to portray, whether it be humor or serious insights. Oh, and the quotes from Will and Grace found in the middle column just cracked me up!

Useful Info - 10
There is a lot that a reader can learn from Crazy Sam’s Bloginess. Though the predominant theme is about the LGBT lifestyle, you will also find a lot of insights for straight people. I particularly like how Crazy Sam writes about movies.

Overall Experience - 10
Indeed, this is a “straight-friendly gay blog.” I can’t recall when I last had such fun browsing through a blog for the first time.
WOW!! Thank you Noemi for such a fine and encouraging review! I don't know how many times I reread that. And thanks to Splashpress Media, which promotes Bloggy Award heavily, the name, Crazy Sam's Blogginess gets "splashed" on around twenty additional websites in their network. Now that's quite a lot exposure!

Truth to be told, I have been following Bloggy Award for the past few months trying to see how Noemi's criticisms and suggestions can be used in this blog. Therefore I owe to her a lot because Crazy Sam's Bloginess would not have looked like this without her. And of course, how can I ever forget my blogger friends who always inspire me to write! You guys make even a boring and vacuous post interesting with your friendly and witty comments. As Crazy Sam's Bloginess reaches the 1 year milestone this September 12, I wish to thank all my readers for giving my blog a little time in your busy schedules. So here goes to all of you, a heartfelt THANK YOU!!

Crazy Sam's Bloginess
Click here to read the review at Bloggy Award.

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