Monday, December 1, 2008

CSB Rocked In November!


Alright people, let me warn you. If you do not want to waste your next three minutes, skip this post immediately. This is gonna be the mother of all bragging, boasting, blowing, swashing, touting, vaunting,.. Okay you got the point, right? (There you go! Now I taught you synonyms. Who says CSB is nothing but gay talk? :D)

Crazy Sam's Bloginess

So in no particular order of importance:

Crazy Sam's Bloginess became one of the most popular blogs at Best Male Blogs (Warning! NSFW) during the second week of November.

Crazy Sam's Bloginess was able to touch the top 40 position for the first time during the second week of November at the Top Blogs Bloglistings of PLU Blogs. During the final week, CSB's rank came up to 35.

Google's PageRank for Crazy Sam's Bloginess raised from 3 to 4.

Crazy Sam's BloginessCrazy Sam's Bloginess got nominated in five categories for Avant Garde Bloggies Awards, an honest attempt from Poonam and team to showcase the best of Indian blogosphere. If you like to vote for me, please click on the following categories to reach their respective voting pages (and thank you!). The polling ends on 6th December 2008.
Most Beautiful Header
Most Interesting Sidebar
Best Blog Design
Best Eye-Opener Post (Gays And Mothers)
Best Courageous Post (Let's Talk About Porn)

Blogbharti, the Indian blog aggregator was courteous to introduce two of my November posts, Why Cosmopolitan Is For The Fun Fearless Gay Male [link] and Dostana [link], to their readers.

I am happy to know that the post on Dostana was well-received and even earned interest to be republished and echoed to the farther corners. Shaheryar Ali, who blogs at
Sherryx has asked my permission for a possible reproduction of the post on his blog.

During November, Crazy Sam's Bloginess had almost thrice the page loads, thrice the unique visitors and twice the returning visitors than it had on the previous months. The highest numbers ever, since this blog's inception. (*touch wood!*)

Crazy Sam's Bloginess

I know this post has that ugly boastfulness (Haha! As if you failed to notice it! :P), but my feet are firmly grounded because I know none of this would have been possible if I didn't have the support of my friends and readers. (Such a cliched dialogue, but that's the truth!) Even though I was never serious on updating CSB regularly, that didn't stop many of you to keep coming back. I'm grateful to all of you. Special thanks to all who stop by to comment my posts and send emails, you have no idea how much joy they bring to me!

I confess. This time I don't feel that usual excitement when I publish a shout out post, after being subjected to heartrending visuals for the past few days.

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