Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coulda Shoulda Woulda Prada


Last weekend I was at Goa with my parents. Not to any touristy areas though, b'coz I was there to attend a family wedding. The bride's brother came to the railway station to pick us up. He looked exactly the same since I last saw him years ago. Handsome and so charming! Everytime I see him, he makes my heart skip a beat. I don't think we ever had a comfortable talk. It was always a hi, or something of that sort. I get tongue-tied and the words even if they came out would be totally out of order that would make no sense. I still remember that day when I made a total fool of myself while trying to make a conversation with him. That was 10 years ago. May be he doesn't remember all that now, but I do.

The fact that he is married doesn't stop me from fantasizing about him. He is absolutely crazy about cars and loves his own like a.. I don't know how to put it, but you should've seen the way he was washing his car the other day. It was almost like he was caressing it! Gently touching and wiping the water off with the soft cloth, with so much of affection and care. How I wished I were his car! Then I could have allowed him to drive me as long as he wants! (Lol!!) As I watched him loving his baby, he told me during his college days he too grew his hair long. "You should try modelling", he said casually.

"Yeah right! Very much possible!!" I blurted out sarcastically. *gets tongue-tied*
I wanted to say, "Don't you know that the cameras hate me?"

On our en route back to home after attending the marriage, we alighted at my mother's brother's place to visit him. My aunt dropped us back to the station in the afternoon. The train had already been pulled in. We caught our seats and I was back on the platform to continue talking with her. Then I saw this guy on the window seat looking at me. He was good looking and modish. Totally my type! In between the chat, I checked whether he was still eyeing me. He was. When the train started moving, I said bye to my aunt and got back to my seat that was opposite to the guy across the aisle. I tried to get a look at his face, but the people in between were blocking my view. Then I was completely distracted by this handsome macho guy who boarded from the next stop. Since the train was crowded, he couldn't find a seat and so he stood near the doorstep, listening to his iPod. He was a dark handsome fella and had a don't care a damn - attitude. He wore black pants and white round-necked t-shirt that had a logo of airtel on his left chest.

When the man sitting beside my father got off, he saw the vacant seat and sat there. (By the way, my parents' seats are opposite to mine facing me. So now I got a much closer view of him.) I continued to check him out and at one point he saw me. I quickly took my eyes away. But that didn't stop me. This is the first time I am daring to continue checking a guy out even when I knew he was aware of what I was up to. We would try to glance at each other now and then, and sometimes our eyes would meet for just a second and one of us would retract. It kept on going.. (would you believe if I say, for hours??). One time as I looked, he smiled at me. Man! He was so charming that I too gave a brief smile. I thought from that point on, this could become better, but again the old game of awkward glancing resumed till the train pulled into his destination. Before getting off, he looked at me.. for the last time. His face was expressionless.

I could have easily initiated a chat with him. Since I am planning to buy an iPod soon, it would have been a nice topic to start the flow. I guess the presence of my parents made both of us feel insecure. Rest of the journey was quite uneventful and when I checked the other guy, he was busy talking on the mobile. Hours later, my destination also came. Now when I stood up to leave with my bags, I saw him gazing at me. I looked away, but then looked at him again. He is now royally checking me out! By now, the train halted and I had to get off. I could have given him at least a smile.

I believe I would have had a way with this guy too if I were travelling alone. Since the next stop is the final one for this train and I could easily catch a bus from there to my home, there would be no harm in getting off there and I'd get a chance to do a small talk with him while walking towards the staton's exit. Who knows, may be that could have been the start of something! Well, what's the point in thinking about all that now!!

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  • Soul Seared Dreamer February 13, 2008 at 4:35 PM

    Go Sammy.

    I find that when I'm with my Aunt.. all the hotties come out to play.. it just isn't fair :o( with her around no matter how hard it is to resist I wouldn't chat up a guy.. I owe her more respect that than.

    But I must admit I do enjoy the flirty eye teasing on the train. Problem with me.. is smiling comes so naturally.. I can't supress it.. but on the bright side I think it opens a whole new new level to it.

    Plus when I find eye candy.. my gaze rarely retreats.. I stare fairly intensely.. The last time I saw someone on the train I really fancied I was with my sister-in-law.. so I couldn't approach :o( but I could have happily spent my life with him.. annoying thing is.. he was soo receptive too.

    Its just fate playing games with your mind.

    You should converse if your alone though. I've used the whole iPod as an exucse to talk to someone before.

  • Soul Seared Dreamer February 13, 2008 at 4:37 PM

    Sam.. Mr Model in the making.. I soo wanna see a picture of you.

    Can I if I ask really really nicely.. pretty please?

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