Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's The Time To Disco!


Last Saturday, I went for DJ. I was just shopping and happened to meet one of my old gay friends. I was surprised to see him alone in the cafe, so I asked what he was up to. He was all set to go for a gay party (first ever in our state), and asked me whether I was coming. I had known about this event, but I was feeling uncomfortable going by myself. Now that he was also going for that and my stars had promised to be my side, I thought, why not!! We reached there 45 minutes late and then only we were knowing that the party was cancelled. Bummer!

By this time, another friend also joined us. We thought of what to do next. I didn't want to waste my one weekend like that. That's when he told me that there was a place where DJ happens every weekend and would we be interested to go there or just go to some place and have dinner? Well... I thought, screw the dinner! It's been really too long since I went for a DJ (two and a half years to be exact) and that's what we did. When I reached the place, I could hear the bass pounding and I was totally excited.

My friend proclaimed, "Three gay men are going to have fun tonight!"
And I said jokingly, "Well.. for your information, I am straight!"
"Hmm... we will see that when you get drunk." He grinned.

When the door opened, I could see in the dim light that the dance floor was empty. And very few people were there. We reached there too early, obviously. We sat there sometime and decided to fix us up with drinks. I had to drive, so I didn't want to get too drunk. I took a beer. After couple of sips, the other two was on the dance floor. I was waiting for some more people to turn up and get little high. Time passed, and more people came and some of them started dancing. But I was so not getting high, so I was swilling down more beer. Actually it felt like I was drinking water because I was not experiencing the usual stuffs (including the horniness, lol!). By this time, my friend dragged me onto the dance floor and that's when I started to move and gyrate my body.

If you actually saw the scene there, you would probably think that was a gay place, because except for one, all were guys. She was a foreigner and I am pretty much sure that she was wondering whether she had come to the wrong place, but she had her boyfriend (or friend or brother.. whatever!) I could tell you that place was so gay! Seeing guys shake hips, holding arms, acting totally crazy was kinda freaking me out. I wished I were more drunk so that I could stop myself being so self-conscious and just sink into the music. But my friend was totally cool with everything (and drunk too) and he was as gay as he could be.

We totally had fun and I just loved the experience. Me being a sound freak and surrounded by crazed men, what else can you expect!

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  • pepe M. September 13, 2007 at 10:37 PM

    darn, been so long!
    i hope you are good buddy...
    u take care.


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