Monday, January 18, 2010

CSB Gets A Great Review From GayDemon!


[Image] Crazy Sam's Bloginess: Luke Guldan

GayDemon* recently published a review about Crazy Sam’s Bloginess for their visitors.
Crazy Sam's Bloginess is an interesting, informative and intelligent blog by an Indian man named - good guess! - Sam! This is an engaging guy with great good humor and a light style that still manages to strike home with evocative stories from his own personal life as well as just all sorts of other things. His first post in the edition I am reading deals with his pleasure over receiving an OK from internationally-famous photographer Dan Skinner, offering Sam the 'all clear' to use any of his photos for this blog. Naturally, Sam thence puts up some amazingly tasty pictures of hot guys, including pics which go to high resolution and reveal much more than was initially thought! Sam discusses his own affairs reasonably publicly, including an introduction and very revealing emotional relationship of more than just a few years. His voice is all of our voices, in many ways, as he struggles to accept the affections of someone destined to leave at the close of a vacation, in spite of his deeper desires to hold onto the guy. It develops even more from there in a true-life tale of love and some lust. Otherwise, Sam's voice is nearly casual and easy to follow as he bends our attentions to other gorgeous men, situations and events. This is a fresh and stimulating blog, written by a regular human with honesty and appeal. It is also sexy as hell.

Thank you guys; this is one of the best reviews I have read about CSB. View the GayDemon post about CSB by clicking here.

In case you guys haven’t noticed, CSB has finally got a guestbook which you  can reach through the link that appears on the right most column. Oh, happy 2010 everyone!!

*The link contains images that are not safe for work.

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