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Crazy Sam's Bloginess (CSB) is one of the popular gay blogs from India. Covering wide range of topics from gay life, homophobia to photography and modelling, the blog is followed by fashion photographers and gay fraternity world wide. Unlike other Indian gay blogs, CSB is unique in the sense that it is 'straight-friendly' aiming to sensitize the subject of homosexuality among straight people.

Recently CSB launched its magazine - a first by an Indian gay blog - as part of the 5th anniversary occasion. The e-zine carried some of the best articles that had appeared on the CSB blog in a Fashion & Lifestyle magazine format.

Harrish Iyer, Equal Rights Activist says...
[Image] Crazy Sam's Bloginess: Harish Iyer
"From fantasies teenage to teen-ache CSB has been rich in both nayan-sukh (pleasure to the eyes) and those finding solutions for their dukh (pains and pangs). In my years of interacting with people who are closeted, I have to say that many of them had just one window from the closet to the world of their sexuality - CSB.

Considering that homosexuals are more verbose than Shakespeare's great grandfather, the fact that this blog offers avant-garde visuals and clutter busting -
straight to the point - posts is a real relief to a homosexual like me who unlike others doesn’t watch Lord Of The Rings and doesn’t read fat novels and moreover was an utter failure in English grammar. 

Crazy Sam gets to the fore important issues, in the midst of an endless tease to my homo-hood with those stunning pictures, adding an eclectic mix of both masala (spice) and food-for-thought, to the plate. I wouldn’t call it an activist blog. I don’t believe in activist blogs, this is an activity blog, where activism plays a small but important role. CSB is real, it is sexy and it is cutely shamelessly narcissistic - much like me."

Danny Rose, Producer - ABC Studios says...
[Image] Crazy Sam's Bloginess: Danny Rose
"I discovered CSB as I was researching international blogs from various countries and cultures. As a Television and digital content producer, I think social media is a great way for a global community to come together and share in similar positive experiences. I loved this blog from the moment it showed up on my screen. How cool is it to read that people across the world in India like the same things I do? Listen to the same music? Follow the same trends?  And so much of that is not in my country. 

When any individual (age is not a factor - but especially tweens, teens and young adults) think they maybe gay and don't have personal interaction in their lives with anyone who is, it is blogs like CSB
where they find understanding and acceptance. Reading the articles, looking at the pictures and interacting with people who are like minded only causes them to truly understand themselves and thus breeds more self confidence.  I wish I had more of that when I was in my teens.   I am so proud of Sam and all he has accomplished in giving such a global voice to so many people. I wish Sam, a tremendous role model, the best of luck for another 100 years of super success and honoured to even know him!"

Sridhar Rangayan, Founder & Festival Director of KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival says...
[Image] Crazy Sam's Bloginess: Sridhar Rangayan
"CSB has been one of the frontrunners of the new social media and was, right from day one, bold and upfront. That’s what attracted me to it and also the fact that, unlike many gay magazines or blogs in India, CSB focussed unabashedly on desire and dreams. When we started KASHISH in 2010, we requested for a peel-off advertisement on CSB and it was the first ever publicity we initiated. We will never forget it. 

Thanks CSB for being there and putting it out there 'as is' with candidness and forthrightness. Best wishes for a long innings, growing from strength to strength."

Nolan Lewis, Mr. Gay India 2013 & Founder - Mr. Gay World India says...
[Image] Crazy Sam's Bloginess: Nolan Lewis
"As Mr. Gay India 2013, I am required to stay abreast with LGBT affairs across the world. CSB is one of my favourite bookmarks on my laptop that I use as a point of reference. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered CSB for the first time. It’s chic, crisp and has the feel of a cosmopolitan international blog. The design, layout and content are par excellence. 

In a nation that still lacks great LGBT content, thank you Sam for creating an LGBT site that’s light years ahead of its time."

CSB Facebook fanpage: http://on.fb.me/samsbloginess
CSB Twitter: @samsbloginess

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